Setting my intention for the kind of UX designer I want to be

Right, this title is big and juicy. I feel the pressure, but I am not going to give into it. I’m just going to get on with writing a little bit about where I am as a Designer and where I want to be.

I just changed jobs. My move from a large consultancy to an agency was motivated by me wanting to focus on interaction design and work in a design led environment.

In conjunction to me wanting to get a more interaction design led portfolio I also want to move into the Digital+Physical environment.

And that is me setting my intention for the next year. That’s all.


Process is what shapes the products we build – Dustin Senos

Dustin gave the opening talk for the PushConference 2015. He focused on process and on 4 points that will NOT set you up for success:

1. Not establishing success criteria

2. Designing for the wrong person

3. Not exhausting your options

4. Being too clever

One revelatory moment came when Dustin plotted 4 design disciplines in one line:

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Persuasive Patterns workshop @PushConference

The persuasive patterns workshop was a one day stint delivered by Anders Toxboe from ui-patterns as part of Push conference – a conference in it’s 4th year that started with two designers that wanted to bring together the wide diaspora of people working in design.


The key learnings from the day, sit roughly under three topics:

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