Sketching interfaces with Eva-Lotta Lamm

Sharing my sketches from Eva-Lotta Lamm’s workshop ‘Sketching interfaces‘ for @generateconf London 2016.


Winning an Appathon

I was one of the participants of the 2 day Appathon organised by NEST in conjunction with TCS and The Open University. Our tool ‘Save up’ won the challenge!


Setting my intention for the kind of UX designer I want to be

Right, this title is big and juicy. I feel the pressure, but I am not going to give into it. I’m just going to get on with writing a little bit about where I am as a Designer and where I want to be.

I just changed jobs. My move from a large consultancy to an agency was motivated by me wanting to focus on interaction design and work in a design led environment.

In conjunction to me wanting to get a more interaction design led portfolio I also want to move into the Digital+Physical environment.

And that is me setting my intention for the next year. That’s all.


Process is what shapes the products we build – Dustin Senos

Dustin gave the opening talk for the PushConference 2015. He focused on process and on 4 points that will NOT set you up for success:

1. Not establishing success criteria

2. Designing for the wrong person

3. Not exhausting your options

4. Being too clever

One revelatory moment came when Dustin plotted 4 design disciplines in one line: