AI is a mirror of IRL inequalities

This blog post is a collage from relevant articles, papers etc that critically look at couple of dominant notions around social inequality embodied in Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Bias 
  • Decision making
    • Outsourcing decision making to algorithms via scientists and engineers
    • Black boxing AI


Nam June Paik -Tate Liverpool and FACT

Hi all,

My name is Eleanor Clayton and I'm Assistant Curator at Tate Liverpool.
I worked with Sook-Kyung Lee on the Paik exhibition and I'm really
pleased that  this sort of discussion is taking place around it.

The above is a transcription of the discussion that I have been following through the
New Media curating mailing list. Here is the nam june paik New Media Curating Mailing

More pictures on my flickr

Nam June Paik 20th July 1932, Korea, Seoul/ Studied: aesthetics in Japan; musicology&philosophy in Germany; Composition with Wolfgang Fortner .More about his life in this nice blog,

Audio Guides of the exhibition at Tate Liverpool.