Designer, Researcher, feminist, wannabe hacktivist, compulsive drawer and dressmaker

I am a Researcher  and Designer working in London and Lisbon, currently obsessing over critical design, conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence. My work explores the social, political and cultural implications and impacts of technology.

My design interests lie in the intersection of emerging technologies and the everyday life. My work is guided by a desire to hold on to things but not exactly to hold them in place.

MA Digital Arts (2011), practice based research focusing on Interactive installations and hacking domestic objects.


Instagram @sketchnotes_are_awesome
Twitter @ElviaVasc

Speaking & Writing
Workshop – Alternative narratives about Personal Intelligent Assistants with @FeministInternet 
Speaker – UX Mobile London Meetup
Speaker – Ladies that UX London Meetup
Guest blogger – Sketchnote Army
Writing –Wining an apathon
Speaker – UCD 2013
Featured – Portuguese Women in Tech

An experimental practice as a form of critical intervention, that explores the roles designers can play in working towards social change.

– Develop a critical design practice that is socially oriented and tells alternative stories about technology

– Critically engage with techno systems and create narratives that challenge the present and explore alternative more equitable futures

– Challenge heteronormative, discriminatory biases and standards in the context of technology.

– Be happy

Read more about my manifesto.

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