Design practice – a manifesto

New year = new manifesto:


Framed in the current digital industry, I am proposing to critically engage with techno systems and create narratives that challenge the present and explore alternative futures.

I wish to develop an experimental design practice as a form of critical intervention, that explores the roles designers can play in working towards social change.

It questions the hyper commercialised, one-dimensional digital design industry that is driven by profit and consumer politics.

It critically looks at techno systems that:

  • Create feedback and order loops where people feel like individuals but are kept in a stable manner of order with no leaders;
  • Mimic and perpetuate IRL systems of violence, oppression and social and economic inequality (mostly because they are are built by privileged groups: few, white, male);
  • Have been configured to actively block change, maintain the status quo and stop us from thinking about alternatives;
  • Are set to exacerbate inequalities and smooth out the complexities of the world, without any consideration for the future;

I propose to nurture a practice that:

  • Proposes alternatives systems that challenge power and violence
  • Creates socially oriented narratives in design to provide a framework for the complexities of human-machine interaction;
  • Challenges heteronormative, discriminatory biases and standards in the context of technology;


“Design is no longer design.

Design has been claimed as a tool for commercial gain.

We are in a period where profit is more important than people.”

“The future has been sold. Parceled, bundled. and securitized, it serves as the connective tissue for a global system where speculation turns a profit. Projections of better tomorrows incorporate us in collective fictions: there is always a way to optimize the present, to upgrade and improve what is to come.”

“These systems enable efficient data collection and processing, and are driven to find solutions, often exacerbating inequalities and smoothing out the complexities from the worlds we live in. From their application to complex social systems, new machine types of knowledge and values are emerging. Increasingly, it seems urgent to understand the implications of these systems, and how they speak to pressing socio-political concerns, while reconfiguring us in relation to these emergent realities.”

An AI Summer

Internet is not only technology. Internet is people.

“una instancia de diálogo en torno a las relaciones entre tecnología, política y prácticas creativas que busca desarrollar una mirada disidente de la lógica económica dominante. Concebimos la tecnología no como un objeto neutro sino como uno que está atravesado en su diseño, desarrollo y uso por decisiones políticas, lo que evidencia un potencial que es urgente orientar hacia la transformación de las relaciones sociales y de producción.”


Project M “explores the role designers can play in encouraging social change.”

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