Glazed Conference – thoughts and sketchnotes

_03 _02-Mark-brooks _01-Morning-panel

Key themes:

  • the best technology is invisible – wearables are a transition phase to implanted tech (i like where this is going)
  • build things that people want to wear or build on the things that people are already wearing
  • focus on hardware – in spite of the two points above, there is still significant work to be done around devices
  • Make sure you are solving a real problem
  • fashion industry – seems to be talking a different language (i won’t expand on this here, but happy to have a chat about this at any time)

Cool things of the day:


One thought on “Glazed Conference – thoughts and sketchnotes

  1. I have something to add around Fashion and wearables: I think there’s a triangle with (1) the Fashion Industry, (2) Wearable Tech and (3) Fashion Research – probably this could be called something different, but essentially I am referring to the more academic side of fashion. This comes from hearing Caroline Till about the work of some of her MA Fashion Future students and from another presentation I say of Natsai Audrey – .

    This part of fashion is looking into other disciplines to solve real problems, which means that their practice is solution driven and therefore their outcomes are rather different (and more varied) than products from/for industry. In other words, growing bacteria to produce pigment is something that can bring real value and change the world we live in.

    Understanding the distinction between Fashion Industry and with what I have decided to call Fashion Research for lack of a better word, might be key for the Wearable Tech startups / hardware people.

    Be solution and innovation driven.


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