Wearable tech and the Fashion Industry

Wearables and fashion two models

I cycled home from the Wearable technology conference thinking about the fashion industry. When I got in, I put my thoughts on paper (sketch above).

It seems like the first model is the most commonly used:

Start with a cool technology, then build a cool gadget. Follow by turning it into something that is normally sold in the Fashion Industry – jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories of all sorts.

The second model starts by looking into the fashion products and exploring the ways they can be augmented with technology.

Rather then being technology driven, if wearable technology is aiming to go into the fashion industry it should really look into what is already being consumed as the technology might be a differentiator factor. What I mean by that is, purposefully adding stuff onto the things that I already use and that doesn’t include making my bracelet giving me notifications because I have received a whatsapp message.

What I would like is something that allowed me to follow directions whilst I’m cycling without having to pull my phone out. Or that my luggage would tell me how much weight it has in it.

The third model, which was very consistently promoted throughout the conference, is one that start with the user. Taking a customer centric approach guarantees that you are building something that people want to use.

More sketches to come.


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