Analogue infographics I love you

After having tried google glasses the other day at work, my love for analogue infographics made more sense. I realized that what I call ‘Analogue infographics’ is in fact much closer to ‘Augmented Reality’ than what I thought. When I think of AR I think of Kelichi Matsuda’s video:

Kelichi Matsuda video

Back to the still image, Jose Duarte’s work hits the nail in the head:

Budapest statistics #hmvtk

Happiness Kit

Information Bars (Information graphics in the city)

Number of mail sent every day (handmade visualized)

The most popular world domains (handmade visualized)

Internet users by country (handmade visualized)

The most popular twitter accounts (handmade visualized)

What I like about analogue infographics is the real feeling that is maintained by adding the informational layer over a physical environment. More than just an aesthetic choice, the reason why I like physical representation of data vs digital is because they make more sense to me. Familiar shapes get recognized quicker, I get a context , a sense of scale and a general warmth that allows my brain to make meaning of  what I am seeing. I love it, I wish all infographics were this much fun.


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