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IXDA Meetup

sketchnote of Claire Rowland's talk about Connected Devices

For IXDA’s London May event the theme was ‘Interactions in the home: Interaction design for home-based Internet of things’: happy dance.

Claire Rowland talked about connected devices for the home mass market and complex system models. How suddenly things start behaving like the internet and you find yourself in a scenario where your vacuum cleaner won’t start because the internet is down.

Another interesting  concept was the ‘Limbo of Usability’ where devices might find themselves in limbo land due to the substantial power necessary for  permanent internet connection, having a device check for updates every minute might not seem that trivial when you’re standing in front of your heating system having changed this in your phone and nothing happens for a full minute – a full minute is equivalent to 5 tweets = a long time.

Takeways: ensure information is is up to date in all platforms and design for interusability through composition (distribute functionality across devices) and consistency (create devices appropriately that feel like a family of interfaces).

Matt Webb followed by exploring the work done by BergCloud, the little printer and @StationJim (which you should really check out)  :

Matt webb from bercloud talks about connected devices

Takeways: Build (as in make something physical); Sloughstation is really nailing it; customers become audiences and they are likely to not like you changing the face of their little printer that has been sitting in their living room for a whileScreen Shot 2014-06-11 at 22.19.41

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 22.20.03

Security is always a hot topic and it is funny to think that someone could hack your house, yet you also don’t want to have to login to your toaster every morning.

This event also made me think of  a ridiculous situation where there’s device discrimination, an apple toaster refusing to cooperate with the coffee machine because it’s a nespresso.

I can’t wait for the time where all our home appliances talk to us and makes us laugh.

LINKS of other random things I’ve been looking at:


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