Thinking through doing + writing is thinking

Writing is thinking‘  is a great little article that matches the mental model I have of writing – ‘it feels more like you’re pulling out your own intestines’. It’s painful:

cartoon Bunny on a toaster - part of the suicide bunny book cartoon

The article goes beyond acknowledging the painfulness of writing, touching on a few of its benefits and how we can all build up our writing skills – in the end, it’s good news for us all.

I’ve signed up for the ‘thinking through doing’ religion a while ago, and if I add the ‘writing is thinking’ it can only be very-awesome-super-much-better-good-thing-going-to-happen right?

The plan

The main theme here is ‘Interactivity’ or ‘Interaction’ not sure how they are different.

‘Thinking through doing’ = hacking toasters + designing websites and apps + ux stuff + sketchnotes + talking / presenting / workshops etc

‘Writing is thinking’ = reflecting on all of the above producing a written and coherent output that builds up some sort of critical understanding of Interactivity; that expands on where interactivity is being applied now e.g. wearable technologies, and how that will shape a more distant future e.g. I have no clue.

Sounds like a plan (i’m encouraging myself, I suspect only my flatmate Joana – hey Joana! thanks for subscribing – is my only follower and I doubt she will read all the way down here, if you did You rock!)


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