Accessibility Awareness

This week I joined the UXPA crew in attending the Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Léonie Watson, Senior Accessibility Engineer from The Paciello Group, opened the floor ‘A practical guide to Accessible User Experience (AUX)’.


Leonie finished talking about the future of AUX in particular with wearables, implanted technology and augmented reality. The future of AUX is looking pretty similar to the future of interaction and how we access information. These entail new forms of interaction where there are no screens, information is overlayed in the physical world and you talk to your system and listen to information being manipulated. This ties in really  really nicely with the main point of the panel at the end on how web accessibility has a lot to do with sound (e.g. screen readers) and how content needs to be programmed to be read.

As a reference to implanted technology, there’s a really nice talk about cyborgs – – from this super uber person, Amber Case.

Ian Pouncey from the BBC came next to tell us about Standards & Guidlines:


Meera Panhhania from wrapped up the talks focusing on inclusive design and implicit personalization of experiences.


PS: Doing my sketchnote I realised that this is probably the most unacessible way to report on an event, as it is an image and therefore completely unacessible. How can this be different?

PS2: Assistive technology awesome video



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