Usability for blogs

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Interesting article analysing the top 10 blogs (whatever that means) homepage :

‘A “good” blog is interesting and adds value.’

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2005 article

Navigating blog posts – how?

  • A timeline?

    Categories – Most weblog software provides a way to  categorize postings  so users can easily get a list of all postings on a certain topic. Do use categorization, but avoid the common mistake of tagging a posting with almost all of your categories. Be selective. Decide on a few places where a posting most belongs

Looking at the 113 Design Guidelines for Homepage Usability – the rules seem to apply to both personal and corporate:

  • Determining homepage content – prioritise, champion users’ needs

    • How to determine my users needs? Involved users throughout your design process; make use of usability methods that can identify and prioritize users’ needs based on real data and observation e.g. user testing, task analysis, field studies, or usability engineering methodology and process in general


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