An inventory of online presence – fragmented self

On the follow up of my first five second test  I got this text from Vonnie (who I work with):
“Cool blog post! I’m intrigued – feel there’s a conversation to be had about personal sites and corporate sites. Are they governed by the same usability rules? Fascinating. I look forward to the iterations.”

One thing I forgot to mention on my previous post was a site from Vonnie’s , snudoll, which gave me a lot to think. Vonnie, as myself has a fragmented online presence. She has 3 sites/blogs all half-finished and none of them is updated often – she would like to consolidate them all, however the issue is that all three respond to different requirements.

I went to look myself up on google, and good thing I am probably the only Elvia Vasconcelos out there – it wasn’t difficult to find all my online presences:

The one that should be the main site but it is still an ‘old blog’
I started on blogspot then moved on to wordpress and documented my MA in Digital Artsdigital arts

While I was doing my MA I put my stuff in several different artist sites:

Show times

arts thread

When I finished the MA I wanted to freeze and hold on to that site  so I started a new site on wordpress that was still about blogging but more focused on presenting my work rather than talk about the process.

I realised that wordpress was too much of a blog platform so I went looking for other slick portfolio off the shelf options, meet cargo collective:

1.    Version 1 –

cargo 1

   2.    Version 2 –

And finally another off the shelf option to try and collate all of these fragmented presences


Then you have your twitters, pinterests etc etc.

I have a fragmented self… what to do?

Card sort! Of course!

card sorting yourself


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