Another draft that I was eager to get out in the forever known as “September publishing madness where you exposed yourself to the world”.

Well here you go, another un-finished course…I might come back to this at some point 🙂 for now it’s just a really good intent.

I chose Time as my Design theme. The task is to “Redesign the way we experience or interact with time.” What time is it?  Quelle heures est ills?

Rather than redesign the way we experience time, I would catch a specific time and look at what are the latent opportunities. Carrying on my practice around the everyday. Ultimately you’ll be designeing a web-based service or application.

I want to look at the arriving time, when people arrive home a leave their keys in the table, take off their jacket etc, turn their computer on? The radio? the tv? All at once? Check twitter? Turn on spotify? Look up that episode on iplayer?

What about when they first get to work? I get there, turn the computer on, open outlook, skype, gmail, twitter, ie, safari and chrome, traffic and then get a cup of coffee and a big glass of water.

What about your studio? What do you?

Examples of time + arriving + connecting



meaningful relationship with time http://www.qlocktwo.com/info.php?lang=en and everything else that we use!

keys on the table, the post; the reminders; the bin?


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