Mentoring Scheme

UXPA Mentoring Scheme


I signed up for the UXPA mentoring scheme early July 2012. Raj welcomed me and made the connection with Tim Caynes very quickly. After a few weeks I met up with Tim and we had a great relaxed chat. It was a great opportunity to pick his brains about the UX Industry and to ask the questions that I always wanted to ask to someone as experienced as Tim. I had an interview arranged for that afternoon so it was also an excelent opportuntiy to prepare for it – his advice was invaluable and I got the job!
Afterwards we’ve exchanged regular emails and we’re planning to meet in a couple of weeks. Tim introduced me to which has been great for making the most out of the events that happen around the area – there are so many! Occasionaly I run into Tim in some of these events.

After attending quite a few of the UXPA events I decided that it was time to give something back, so I met with Raj and he mentioned that they were after someone to sketchnote their events, so I am now an official UXPA sketchnoter!

The UXPA mentoring scheme has had an amazing impact in my life – thank you for that.


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