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Maybe it is because I am trying to find more about the UX world but there seems to be quite a lot of talk around defining all the roles that can have UX either before or after them. In the ‘You are not a User Experience designer if…‘ Whitney Hess puts the finger into what it takes to be able to wear the UX badge with legitimacy. Although this is nearly 2 year old post it does fit the current state of things, people (myself including) are still confused as to what it is to be a ux consultant, a ux designer and all the other labels that people come up with.

I stole this picture from Hess’s blog. It’s funny.

The other day I found myself in a room full of experienced working UX people when attending the London Ux Book Club  – it’s not every day that you get to hang out with so many ux people at once, it was Persona party! I was surprised and confused when everyone introduced themselves as there were a few consultant and designer pre or post fixed by user experience, user interface, product experience, researcher, developer … In the Becoming a Great Ux Consultant article the folks at uxmatters.com draw a clear line between being a ux consultant and being a ux designer, where the overlap is and expose a few myths such as to be great at UX doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Design.


The User Experience Umbrella

UX Trading Cards by Dan Willis

Last but not least: Andy’s compelling article about Unicorns touches upon the ux role definition effort.

Although still confusing it is clearer now that everyone has taken into their own matters to define what it means to work in the User Experience Industry.

Image Credit

“Work Hard Stay Humble” 73 LETTERPRESS by Ian Coyle

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