Google Analytics applied to Real life - still

Go to Events – Read – Produce

I spend my days at work(#hurray) learning lots of interesting stuff about websites. And, what about the digital arts, the crazy toaster interactivity with arduino, the old re purposing of old technologies and the combining of digital and analogue? There’s also the (old) love for drawing and the ( more recent) enamourment with User Experience and Interaction Design more generally. All I have to do now, everyday after 18:00 and the weekends is to … do something about it.

love ux chocolate shaped

1 – Attend Events

I’ve been lucky enough that there are so many interesting events going on. Some close by and cheap / free others’ not so much but still worth going. I’m even watching one right now – Digital London Then & Now have decided to stream the event online live!

Information Architecture and the Design of Everyday things

It was a great opportunity to go to the Nielsen Norman Group Usability week and I was able to see Don Norman himself talking about common errors of usability. What I like the most is the way Norman approaches usability in everyday things, and then applies these general rules to web sites. It’s great to think of virtual tasks and apply them to everyday life – brilliant example of Google analytics applied to real life! – this kind of abstraction does really fuel your imagination – and it is well connected to my repurporsing of everyday objects/ analogue digital thing!

UXPA, AKQA and others

There are lots other events happening like the ones from UXPA, Akqa Anoraks and these have been a great way to mingle with the ux community. These events are always popular and filled with people that are eager to discuss what user experience is and what it should be. I recommend joining Lanyrd that allows you to follow people and topics that list all the conferences and events in your area.

Keep on learning.


Now, this one has been more challenging to keep up with.

2 – Read

At the moment I’m going through a couple of A Book Apart’s books – Responsive design and HTML 5 to be precise –  and they are really good, small straight to the point readings.

3- Produce

Now, this one has been the more challenging to achieve. However there are plans (always) to do experiment a little bit with Interaction or with somesort of Api pull in all your profiles – it is still vague. Watch this space!
Interactive Design


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