What do you want to be when you grow up?

studio days

The quest of figuring out what to do as a fresh MA digital Arts graduate!

Something  interactive between digital technologies and the study and practice of art.  Easy no?

Maybe get some advise:


http://www.milkround.com/ http://www.milkround.com/news-careers-advice/career-advice-main/


Find out what you need:

Working knowledge of CSS.

An advert I would like to be able to reply:

Digital Multimedia Designer


The role would suit a midweight designer with a head for techie stuff too. We don’t expect you to write code, but an understanding on such processes will help. You’ll be flexible and want to learn new skills. You will already know Photoshop and Illustrator. Understand graphical file formats and know the difference between CMYK and RGB. You get why IE sucks. Experience of working in Flash, web development, software development a bonus.

Why: The technical side of the creative industries is where it’s at! Designer+programming skills= well paid creative role+ good career prospects= happy life for elvia.

How can I get there?

Well, how can I get myself the programming skills? Re-train? NOT in the current financial climate! I already have a postgraduate degree, getting another one would mean no funding at all and higher fees. There is unfortunately very little alternatives to an academic degree, I would love to go for a professional course but where is it?

What skills am I missing?



ps: image Beach Study Painting – Beach Study Fine Art Print – Dyanne Parker


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