Artist statement

Misplace and hold on to


I work primarily with digital tools and media. My work is largely computer based and incorporates: graphics and illustration, social media, and some basic programming.

Re-purposing is a central concept in my work. To re-purpose an object is to manipulate its construction. I believe there is nothing natural about the way objects behave and therefore in their potential to be reinvented. It is in the artistic domain to liberate these objects from the settings in which they have become predictable and accepted.

Currently I am looking at objects from the Home. My work is guided by a desire to hold on to things but not exactly to hold them in place.

Elvia Vasconcelos

One to Other , Drawers Gallery 2010

I am a digital designer.

I graduated in Fashion Design in 2007 having previously studied Graphic Design and Multimedia. After graduation I worked as assistant fashion designer.

My MA in Digital Arts (2010/11) has focused around objects from the Home. My work is situated within the field of Interaction design. It makes use of Arduino and PureData software to physically augment domestic appliances.

I have presented my work in professional and artistic contexts. For the “Can the Subaltern Speak?” exhibition I produced a large scale sculpture piece that relied on manual interaction. For the Cascade 10 I worked in a project between the industry and education culminating in a presentation at the BFI OnedotZero festival. Recently I produced some illustration work for V&A’s Friday Late event “Two’s a Pair”.




twitter: @ElviaVasc


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