Worth reading

This issue of Axis http://www.axisweb.org/dlIssue.aspx?ISID=22 on Digital Space :

May 2010 to September 2010

Investigating the relationships and boundaries between media art and visual art, this special issue of the Dialogue webzine links directly with the art strand of FutureEverything, a festival of art, music & ideas that takes place in Manchester, UK, 12-15 May 2010.

Delve into the history of media art, explore the work of visual artists that use digital media, zoom into the future with high speed connectivity and open data, and journey through the art strand with our festival blogger.

Articles, blogs, twitter and podcasts will expand on and extrapolate the experience of being at the festival or allow you to get involved if you can not attend.

In particular the discussion around Degree Shows :Are Degree Shows outmoded, old hat and irrelevant? What would a viable alternative be? As we head into the Degree Show season Pete Hindle expresses his views on this long established art tradition


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