Met ED and Phill at LCC. Showed him the two ideas and has expected i was being ambitious and I don’t have any time.

So going ahead with the idea of having appliances pretending to be a toaster, singing it. There are many technical obstacles, mainly in regards to sound .

To have , e.g. 6 devices talking independently I need ideally a soundcard (sound played from computer) eg : Moto Ultralite or Edirol FA 101, but this is very expensive for a student.

So the alternatives are :

  1. sound player kit (or hacked toy)
  2. cebek digital recording player – I’m going for this one! just ordered one!

technical information c-9701(2)


And will start experimenting with :

1 – light bulb : connect light bulb to arduino

need light bulb thingy (?)

relay from – 242-720


  1. Using relays with Arduino – turning on the lights


2 -FAN – Connect a battery powered to arduino

build it over the weekend.

that sounds simple!


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