Start-up in Digital Media: Standing Out from the Crowd

Yesterday I attended the ECCA event at LCC with Jo Rauch and Ged Carrol&Robin Dhara .The goal of this lecture was to show students an insight of the media industries and to explain best ways to use traditional media, social media, and other digital promotional tools. The overall message was:  Be visible.Stand Out. There is no point in doing great work if it stays in your blog/website and nobody goes there. Network, be active. Make use of all social media platforms not only to promote yourself but also to contribute activelly in an AMAZING way to the industries you are /want to be framed in.

Explore what it takes to stand out in the crowded digital media space, what tools you can use and how to select the right ones for your creative practice. Learn all about how you can build a strong brand and make a lasting footprint

Ged & Robin’s slideshow presentation

Jo Roach
Executive Producer, Somethin Else

I really enjoyed Jo’s presentation. It felt very intimate. She told her story in a simple way of going from one job to the other and most of the times trying to do things she didn’t know how to, but finding a way of doing it. Jo went from Uni to the Ministry of Sound, to the BBC and now works has a freelancer. She talked about how traditional advertising agencies have been very slow in adjusting to behavior changes, and because technology is moving so fast they are not keeping up. There is a gap in the work force and that’s where we come in! I felt motivated and inspired to work, trusting that my miscellaneos education will grant me a position in the fast moving industry.

Conclusion: Be visible! Get out there! Work!


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