SYMPOSIUM +——————————————————————————————–+September 2009

UNKNOWN DEVICES +————————————————————————————-+October 2009

CLOUD+——————————————————————————————————-+ October 2009

1st RESEARCH PROPOSAL+——————————————————————————-+October 2009

JESPER JUST+———————————————————————————————+December 2009

DECODING THE DIGITAL+——————————————————————————+February 2010

PAPERDUINO+—————————————————————————————————+April 2010

MIDPOINT REVIEW+——————————————————————————————+ April 2010

THE VALUE OF THINGS+————————————————————————————–+ May 2010

DANIEL MILLER+————————————————————————————————+ May 2010

SHE SAYS +——————————————————————————————————–+ July 2010

CAN THE SUBALTERN SPEAK+————————————————————————–+ August 2010

ONE BUTTON CHALLENGE+————————————————————————-+ September 2010

TUTORIAL CATE FEWELS+——————————————————————————+ October 2010

ONEDOTZERO+———————————————————————————————-+ October 2010

Research paper Elvia Vasconcelos+—————————————–+ December 2010

GROUP CRIT+————————————————————————————————+ January 2011


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